Why London? – a foreigner’s tale

This week’s guest post is from Jonathan Fuhrmann. Originally from Austria, Jonathan studied at Cambridge for five years before moving to London in July 2013, after a year of travelling around the world (he wrote a fantastic blog about his adventures). In this post, he reflects on what attracted him to London in the first place, and the things that keep him here. 

A few weeks ago, I went from being a former UK student to a fully-fledged London resident – with a flat, a job, and dreams of making it big in the world one day. But this wasn’t always the plan; talk to second- or third-year me from just a few years ago and the response to the question of whether I would ever like to live in London would have been a vehement and resounding no.

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Check yourself before you… end up living a long way from a park

London is one of the greenest cities in the world, according to the Mayor of London. From above, half of London is green or blue. Therefore one may think that wherever one lives, there will be greenery on one’s doorstep. However, the friendly nerds at Find Properly crunched the numbers and found that this isn’t the case – if you want to live near open-space, you need to choose your area carefully!

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