Before buying a property in London, make sure you think about these factors!

Four months ago, Find Properly started listing all the properties for sale in London.

Since then we’ve been working hard to improve the experience for our property-purchasing visitors. At first, the same information was given for properties for sale and properties to rent – a generous mix of area stats and nearby stations.

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Moving to London and like food? Check out this map for starters

London is truly a glutton’s city. All the World’s cuisines are on offer.

We’re so spoilt, new restaurants are cropping up with regional varieties of once-exotic cuisines. “Plain old” Chinese food is no longer good enough. We now get to choose between tongue-scorching Sichuan or subtle Cantonese flavours.

And if you needed any more evidence of the finger-licking awesomeness of London’s food scene, a French chef (i.e the enemy) has called London the restaurant capital of the world. Voila, it must be true. Continue reading

Find Properly can now save your life – new feature

The air quality in London is terrible. London has missed NO2 targets (set in 1999) every single year.  The European Commission is so concerned with the pollution levels, they’ve threatened to fine the Government if things don’t improve by 2020.

Air quality may seem like a fuss about nothing. You walk around and you’re still alive afterwards, so what’s the biggie? Surely it’s much worse in other places – unlike some Chinese cities, you can’t see the air, and it doesn’t taste like Mr Muscle. So isn’t everything OK?

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The top 5 most and least popular areas of London to live

Find Properly has been up-and-running for 6 months now. In this short time we’ve had over 100,000 people search for properties to rent (and now buy!) in London.

Now that we have a big enough sample size, we thought it would be interesting to see where people want to live in London – and also where they don’t want to live!

This gives a great indication of up-and-coming areas, and areas you may want to avoid yourself. Continue reading