At last – a way to filter properties by size!

Our goal is to make finding a place to live in London as quick and painless as possible.

Partly this can be achieved by making as much data about the property and the area filter-able (new word!) as possible. If you care about crime or greenspace or time on the market, with one click you can exclude all properties that don’t meet your criteria. Instant time saving!

So this blog post is all about introducing our new search filter – and we think it’s our best one! Continue reading

Before buying a property in London, make sure you think about these factors!

Four months ago, Find Properly started listing all the properties for sale in London.

Since then we’ve been working hard to improve the experience for our property-purchasing visitors. At first, the same information was given for properties for sale and properties to rent – a generous mix of area stats and nearby stations.

But we quickly realised – for properties for sale, this wasn’t good enough. Continue reading

One property to rent on Find Properly has a dungeon!?

We’ve recently added a really cool feature that lots of users have been asking for – filter by property feature.

This means you can find properties with a garden or parking or anything else that takes your fancy. Completely customisable and ready for you to play with here.

To celebrate, we made a chart showing the proportion of properties with the most popular features: Continue reading

Our new feature – it works so well, it must be magic

There are lots of horrible properties for rent in London. We’re sick of wading through pages and pages of yuck before finding somewhere nice to live – and you probably are too!

We are super excited to announce Find Properly’s newest feature: magic sort.

Magic sort makes it quicker and easier for you to see the best properties. We’re so happy with it, we’ve made it our default sort option.

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