Where are the most popular areas to share in London?

Property sharing is widespread in London, mainly due to rental prices in London being c-r-a-z-y. Sharing a larger property with several other people makes London much more affordable.

And if you are new to the city, sharing with strangers should allow you to get to know more people, more quickly. Continue reading

The top 5 most and least popular areas of London to live

Find Properly has been up-and-running for 6 months now. In this short time we’ve had over 100,000 people search for properties to rent (and now buy!) in London.

Now that we have a big enough sample size, we thought it would be interesting to see where people want to live in London – and also where they don’t want to live!

This gives a great indication of up-and-coming areas, and areas you may want to avoid yourself. Continue reading

Find Properly now lists properties for sale – and here’s a map to prove it

Exciting news from Find Properly HQ – we now list properties for sale! And about time too! This was requested by lots and lots of you – sorry it took so long.

Over 40,000 properties are currently listed for sale. They are all searchable using the same intelligent interface that you know and love (or don’t know, and hopefully will love).

To celebrate, we have remade our rental price map, this time showing the average price of 2 bed properties: Continue reading

Moving out for the first time? Avoid these 4 common pitfalls

This week’s guest post is from our friends at an estate agent in Scotland. It’s a handy guide to moving out for this first time, including some common pitfalls to avoid – whether you are living in Scotland or London!

So the time has come for you to flee the nest. Whatever age you are, moving out for the first time can be scary, not to mention costly. But fear not – we’ve compiled a list of a few helpful tips for you to consider before moving out. Continue reading

One property to rent on Find Properly has a dungeon!?

We’ve recently added a really cool feature that lots of users have been asking for – filter by property feature.

This means you can find properties with a garden or parking or anything else that takes your fancy. Completely customisable and ready for you to play with here.

To celebrate, we made a chart showing the proportion of properties with the most popular features: Continue reading