Find the cheapest and most convenient area to live in London

The average Londoner commutes for over an hour a day (so says the Daily Mail). This adds up to a (hot, stressful and expensive) year of your life.

You may dream of living closer to work, but find rents in central London unaffordable. Living in London usually requires a compromise between commute time and rent.

We’ve created a new widget that shows this tradeoff. Simply enter where you work and currently live, and we’ll show you the stations with a shorter commute and lower rent:

Our new widget is a thing of beauty

Our new widget is a thing of beauty

You may notice that the ‘nicest’ areas won’t appear. Chelsea and Hampstead (for instance) all have pretty poor transport connections and are super expensive. Clearly there is more to deciding where to live than commute time, but we think it is a good start!

Have a play and let us know what you think.

Time to close London’s public transport system and buy everyone a bike?

I don’t like commuting. Readers of this blog may have already noticed this. So strong was my desire to reduce everyone’s commute, I even founded a commute-time-reducing property search engine.

Cyclists can now use Find Properly to minimise their commute (previously only public transport users could).

However when we shared the good news with cyclists on Facebook, we were surprised by the reaction – cyclists seem to love commuting! Continue reading

The secret areas of London that could shorten your commute

The loyal users of Find Properly (hi, mum!) will know about our nifty “commute time minimiser”.

Quick recap for everyone else: you add the places that you go to often (such as work or university), and then we’ll show you where to live to keep your commute as short as possible.  It is made extra nifty by the fact that you can add as many points as you like, so you can include your housemates.

But what if you don’t know where you’ll be going everyday? What are the best connected areas of London?

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