Find Properly is also moving to a new home!

We’re super-excited to announce that Lokku, parent company of property search engine Nestoria, has bought Find Properly! This is not just good news for my overdraft – in the future Find Properly will be bigger and better than ever.

Since launching a little over a year ago, Find Properly has helped tens of thousands of people find somewhere to live in London. Our widgets have helped illustrate the trade-offs you have to make to live in this great city. And, hopefully, someone out there has found our loading quotes mildly amusing.

But for Find Properly to continue to grow and prosper, it is time for a proper team to take the reins.

Introducing Lokku, who run Nestoria, a great property search engine covering 9 countries.

These guys are the real deal. They have more than one person! They have an office! They even organise a geo event! And, most importantly, they have 8 years of experience running a fantastic property search service.

Find Properly is clearly in good hands.

For now, Find Properly will stay exactly as is. In the future the plan is to make Find Properly even snazzier, but these things take time.

The only downside to this deal is the Find Properly blog will no longer be updated. This is mainly because I won’t have wifi signal on my new Caribbean island, but also because Lokku has several awesome blogs you can read instead:

Indeed, if you want to learn their perspective on things (and see a glamorous shot from the contract signing), head on over to the Nestoria blog where Ed, one of Lokku’s founders, has penned his perspective on the deal.

Many thanks to everyone who has supported Find Properly so far. Please stick around. The future of Find Properly is looking even more exciting!

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