At last – a way to filter properties by size!

Our goal is to make finding a place to live in London as quick and painless as possible.

Partly this can be achieved by making as much data about the property and the area filter-able (new word!) as possible. If you care about crime or greenspace or time on the market, with one click you can exclude all properties that don’t meet your criteria. Instant time saving!

So this blog post is all about introducing our new search filter – and we think it’s our best one!

You can now filter properties for sale by internal floor area.

This has been requested over and over again – sorry it has taken so long to implement. But I promise we’ve not been twiddling our thumbs over at Find Properly HQ – this has taken so long because (1) it was difficult to do and (2) we wanted to get it right.

Getting the internal area of a property is a simple, three step process. Firstly, we look at the floorplan for the property, then we find the internal area on said floorplan, and finally we make a note of the area. Simple!

Unfortunately though, there are quite a few floorplans to look at. So far we’ve read over 34,000 floorplans. Each day, as new properties for sale come on to the market, we read yet more floorplans – usually around 2000 a day. Next time you think your job is boring, please spare a thought for us 🙂

All this hard/boring work means that you can now filter properties by size, and sort by price per area. So finding a bargain and somewhere not too small should be even easier.

And to celebrate, we’ve created a widget showing the average price per square foot for London postcodes. Just in case the raw figures aren’t depressing enough, we’ve also shown how much area £100 could buy in each postcode, in terms of common household objects. For example – in SW3, £100 could buy you the area of an oyster card.

We can make property search better, but we can’t make property cheaper!

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