Find Properly can now save your life – new feature

The air quality in London is terrible. London has missed NO2 targets (set in 1999) every single year.  The European Commission is so concerned with the pollution levels, they’ve threatened to fine the Government if things don’t improve by 2020.

Air quality may seem like a fuss about nothing. You walk around and you’re still alive afterwards, so what’s the biggie? Surely it’s much worse in other places – unlike some Chinese cities, you can’t see the air, and it doesn’t taste like Mr Muscle. So isn’t everything OK?

London's air quality could be worse...

Beijing, 2013. Fortunately London isn’t quite this bad (yet)

According to the EC’s environment commissioner, Janez Potočnik, everything is very much not OK:

“Poor air quality is the number one environmental cause of premature death in the EU with a toll that outstrips road traffic accidents. It is an ‘invisible killer’ and it prevents many people from living a fully active life.”

And it’s not just the EU that thinks London’s air is a Bad Thing. A report published by the London Assembly in 2012 attributed up to 9% of all deaths in London to bad air quality. 4000 extra deaths in London are due to microscopic airborne particles alone (one pollutant of many).

So if you care about your health, you should head for clean air! And for people sensitive to poor air quality – such as asthma sufferers, or young children – finding a place to live without too much pollution is crucial.

We are proud to announce that you can now filter properties by air quality on Find Properly.

We’ve used the excellent air quality data published by The London Air group at King’s College, London. They’ve created some air quality maps that are also well worth checking out:

Map of air quality in London. If you want to live in the centre better hold your breath!

Map of air quality in London. If you want to live in the centre you’d better hold your breath!

Finding a property in an area with good air quality is simple. Just search as usual, and then on the search results page tweak the air quality slider to the desired level:

Filtering by air quality is super easy!

Filtering by air quality is super easy!

So now we can say (with tongue only slightly in cheek) that Find Properly is the only property portal that could save your life.

And if that isn’t worth a Facebook page like or a Tweet, then I’m not sure why Buzzfeed’s articles (e.g “Top 18 celebrities who’ve tried cat food”) get so much social media love.

The idea for an air quality filter was sent to us by one of our users via the feedback form. We read everything we’re sent, we respond to everything, and where possible we’ll do what you ask for. So please don’t be shy!

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