Where are the most popular areas to share in London?

Property sharing is widespread in London, mainly due to rental prices in London being c-r-a-z-y. Sharing a larger property with several other people makes London much more affordable.

And if you are new to the city, sharing with strangers should allow you to get to know more people, more quickly.

Sharing in London is twice the England-average

In England as a whole, around 8% of households are shared by unrelated people.

However in London, this rises to 15%. More than a quarter of all shared households in England are in London (source, PDF warning).

Where are the most popular areas to share in London?

So, sharing is popular in London, and is likely to continue to be so whilst rental prices are high.

But whilst 15% of households in London are shared, this proportion varies widely across the city. Where are the most popular areas with sharers?

By crunching and then mapping data from the 2011 Census, we can identify the most popular areas for sharing.

Click the image below for the full, interactive map:

The most and least popular areas of London to share a property/rent a room

The most and least popular areas of London to share a property/rent a room

The most popular areas to share a property or rent a room in London:

  1. East Ham (~ 35% of properties shared)
  2. Southall (~ 33% of properties shared)
  3. Whitechapel (~30% of properties shared)
  4. Clapham (~27% of properties shared)
  5. Stratford (~26% of properties shared)

East Ham and Southall are good choices for the very budget conscious. These are some of the cheapest areas to live in London, but don’t expect great nightlife or transport connections!

Whitechapel is a good option for those working in the City, or in Canary Wharf (it lies between these 2 areas). With great Indian food and easy access to Old Street’s nightlife, this is a popular area with young professionals…

…as is Clapham, the fourth area on the list, which is very popular with recent (and mainly posh) graduates.

Stratford has been revitalised by the Olympics and the new Westfield shopping centre. If you like new and shiny, this is a good area to check out.

What if you don’t want to follow the crowd?

There are many areas of London that are great for sharers, but haven’t made it onto our list. Whilst some areas are likely to be too expensive (e.g Chelsea), others have nice large (and affordable) houses that are perfect for sharing.

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