Moving out for the first time? Avoid these 4 common pitfalls

This week’s guest post is from our friends at an estate agent in Scotland. It’s a handy guide to moving out for this first time, including some common pitfalls to avoid – whether you are living in Scotland or London!

So the time has come for you to flee the nest. Whatever age you are, moving out for the first time can be scary, not to mention costly. But fear not – we’ve compiled a list of a few helpful tips for you to consider before moving out.

Be certain

Know exactly why you want to move out before contacting estate agents. It may seem obvious but many people tend to overlook this before rushing into a decision to move out. Consider whether you’re ready to move out yet. Don’t succumb to the pressure of agreeing to move in with your friends just because it seemed like the “best idea in the world” after that 4th glass of wine…

Recognise your options before you’re certain that moving out is the right one after all.


Yes, finances – the dreaded subject. Let’s face it – moving out is expensive, especially when it’s your first time. If you’ve lived with your parents up until now, chances are you’ve not experienced the true meaning of “living costs” and “budgeting”. Plan out what you can and cannot afford when narrowing down properties. If you’re a student, you won’t have to worry about council tax bands just yet, however if you’re not a student – council tax is a very important factor to consider if you’re on a budget. Take a look at your local council tax rates to get an understanding of what each band means and its potential costs.

Consider your monthly income and estimate the cost of rent, bills and potential tax. It’s good to have a rough idea of what moving out will cost you on a monthly basis before signing the lease. In addition, be prepared to shell out extra for the first month as most rental agreement require a deposit at the beginning of the lease including the first month’s rent upfront.

If you can master the art of managing money when living independently, then you’ll certainly enjoy your experience outside the nest.

Location location location

Consider the kind of flat you’re willing to live in and afford. The earlier you begin your search the better. The best place to begin your search is online. However this isn’t always enough to count on, so try and arrange and go to as many viewings as you can in order to have a good idea of what’s on offer.

It’s also worthwhile to research the area you’d be living in and what’s nearby such as shops and transport links. [Find Properly does this all for you!]

Living with others

Living with others for the first time can be overwhelming at times. It’s important to remember that communication is key, even with roommates. Try and establish some ground rules at the beginning to ensure that everyone is on the same page to prevent any future issues with matters such as dishes and cleaning.

Extra tips

  •  Try and make a spare key and give it to someone you trust so you’re prepared for that awful moment of losing your key!
  • Take pictures of your residence on the first day you move in so you have a record of what the place looked like when you first moved in, make sure the pictures are time stamped for proof!
  • Keep your documents safe – it’s ideal to keep the important documents such as your record of the lease and deposit receipts in a safe place so you know where to find them.
  •  It might also be a good idea to get contents insurance for your room as an extra buffer just in case.

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