London November rental update – prices continue to make everyone sad

In July we created a map showing rental prices in London.

Four months on, we’ve now updated the map. If our previous map made you sad, this new map is unlikely to cheer you up…

Map of the price per week for a one bed flat in London

Map of the price per week for a one bed property in London

As expected, not much has changed. If you want to live in central London, be prepared to pay for it! The angry-looking purple blob in the centre of the map is where prices are over £650 per week. For a one bed property!


The tips we made before are still very valid:

  1. Areas south of the river can be cheaper – in particular Southwark, Lambeth or Elephant & Castle (listed in descending price order).   If you go too far south though, you’ll fall off the tube network, making it much harder to get around. Find Properly can help keep your commute manageable.
  2. Prices vary wildly throughout London, so it is possible to find cheap properties in expensive areas. Although generally cheap means not nice.
  3. One bed flats are the most expensive property per room! Sharing a larger property will save you money. You can save a lot of money if you get a group together and share a larger property (a shared property list on Find Properly to make searching with friends stress-free).

Another good area to check out is Whitechapel – this is just to the right (east) of the bright red area on the map. Great location, fantastic Indian food, and good connections – and currently fairly cheap.

But Whitechapel’s good value is not going to last long (especially as some idiot blogged it to the world), so get searching, and good luck!

4 thoughts on “London November rental update – prices continue to make everyone sad

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