One property to rent on Find Properly has a dungeon!?

We’ve recently added a really cool feature that lots of users have been asking for – filter by property feature.

This means you can find properties with a garden or parking or anything else that takes your fancy. Completely customisable and ready for you to play with here.

To celebrate, we made a chart showing the proportion of properties with the most popular features:

The proportion of properties on Find Properly with popular features

The proportion and number of properties on Find Properly with different popular features (as of 3/10/13)

When you filter by a property feature, we search the description of each property to ascertain whether the property has what you are looking for. We’ve done a lot of tweaking of the keywords we look for. At first, filtering for properties that were pet friendly would return properties with carpets as well (we’ve fixed this).

So you can imagine our excitement when we found one property with its very own dungeon!

… but it appears our immature tittering was premature:

Dungeon property listing

Dungeon property listing

So whilst Find Properly is keen to cater to people of all persuasions, if you’re looking for somewhere with a dungeon, you’re out of luck.


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