Made of money? Live in Chelsea

Another week, another guest blog post! Sarah Thum-Bonanno has lived in five areas of London over the past thirty years. She has kindly agreed (with only a modicum of arm twisting) to write a few words about each area.

To start, Chelsea. Check back over the next few weeks for her insider’s guides to Holborn, Kentish Town, Primrose Hill and Hackney. 

Chelsea is where I spent my teenage years.  The Kings Road is the main street weaving its way through Chelsea.  It’s packed full of shops and bars – however if you don’t have an oligarch’s disposable income, you may find some shops off-limits!

A view of the King's Road, towards Sloane Square

A view of the King’s Road, towards Sloane Square

If all the shopping makes you thirsty, I’d recommend Henry J BeansThe Cadogan Arms pub or the slightly smarter Bluebird café and bar.

For chocolate lovers, there’s the famous Rococochocolate shop near Beaufort Street:

At £1.25 a chocolate, you probably shouldn't finish the box in one sitting...

At £1.25 a chocolate, you probably shouldn’t finish the box in one sitting…

For more mundane (and less tasty) goods, head to the Peter Jones department store, part of the John Lewis partnership.  It offers a good selection with fantastic service, and is conveniently located at Sloane Square. So you can breathe a sigh of relief and avoid central London’s Oxford Street!

Peter Jones, in Sloane Square

Peter Jones, in Sloane Square

Just across the Albert Bridge (which is a great bridge – check it out, especially at night time) is Battersea Park, a fun place for walking and tennis. There are also a lot of organised charity runs taking place there, which are great for motivation!

Albert Bridge at night, illuminated by 4000 bulbs

Albert Bridge at night, illuminated by 4000 bulbs

And, following on with the exercise theme: London’s top yoga centre, Triyoga, has just opened a new branch on the Kings Road (near Beaufort Street and Rococo chocolate) so treat yourself to some relaxing yoga (or just head directly to Rococo chocolate!)

Chelsea is a great place to live, and as a result it is extremely expensive to live here! There are 801 one-bedroom properties in Chelsea, SW3 available to rent on Find Properly, with an average weekly rent of £650 (as of 27th August 2013). If money is no object, there is an one-bedroom flat on the market for £2770 per week.

For the rest of us, where money is very much an object, it is worth checking out nearby areas such as Clapham, Fulham and Battersea. You can live a few miles away but still enjoy all that Chelsea has to offer. We also published a handy price map a few weeks ago, so you can easily visualise the affordable areas.

Check back next week for the next instalment of Sarah’s insider’s guide!

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