Check yourself before you… end up living a long way from a park

London is one of the greenest cities in the world, according to the Mayor of London. From above, half of London is green or blue. Therefore one may think that wherever one lives, there will be greenery on one’s doorstep. However, the friendly nerds at Find Properly crunched the numbers and found that this isn’t the case – if you want to live near open-space, you need to choose your area carefully!

Tiny park image

This doesn’t count as a park

We created a digital map of all the large public green spaces in London. We included areas above 100 000m² (~14 football pitches or 400 small intestines). This ignored the thousands of small bits of greenery that aren’t big enough for a run or a game of football (or drying your small intestine collection). Areas that aren’t publicly accessible, such as golf courses or school playing fields, were also ignored.

There is a surprising number of green spaces larger than 100 000m²!  In total, we counted 821, from the smallest, Honor Oak Park (100 094m²) to the largest, Richmond Park (22 083 600m²). These are distributed throughout the city:


London’s green spaces, marked in purple for visibility (and partly irony). The remaining large green spaces not marked in purple are mainly golf courses or are not publicly accessible.

We found that 50% of London properties are within 600m of a large green space – around an 8 minute walk. However, nearly 30% of properties are more than 1km from a green space, with an unlucky 7% more than 2km away.

So if you want to live near some green-space, make sure you research your area carefully…or just use Find Properly, which has a handy “Distance to park” filter!

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